We are pleased that Phase 1 of Chizhanje Housing Project with stands measuring from 200 square metres up to 300 square metres are now available.

This project is located near Mabvuku, off Mutare Road at Mabvuku/Tafara Turn Off on a piece of land between Chizhanje Mabvuku to the West and Zimre Park to the East.

Payment Terms

o   A minimum deposit of 25%

o   The resultant balance payable over 30 months as a base period up to 36 months as a penetrative strategy

o   For example 200 square metres shall cost $9,200 inclusive of Vat with 25% deposit being $2,300.00 and the instalment being $269.00 over 30 months and $231.00 over 36 months.

o   Administration charges remain at 12.5% per annum

You should also note that the Council’s intrinsic land value shall remain a separate cost at $4.00 per square metre that shall be  payable directly to Council.

For more details and or clarification please call Aloius on 0772 638 191 or   Takesure on 0733 258 356

chazhanje-map1 chazhanje-map2