Customer Service

We take pleasure in giving you personal, and expert attention at all times, and we are never too busy to return a call or e-mail. We are always available to update you of servicing progress of the residential stands and will periodically hold show days where our Sales and Technical Staff will discuss all matters regarding your investment in the residential stands.

We accept cash, bank transfers, personal, business or bank certified cheques. You are encouraged to pay when you are satisfied that you are getting value for your money. We strongly recommend that all our prospective customers undertake project site visits with our Sales Team on appointment or by arrangement to appreciate the location, terrain, level of servicing progress to allow you the opportunity to select the best-positioned and best value residential or commercial stands.

When you have committed yourself to purchase a residential or commercial stand with us, you are encouraged to make your payments in line with the Agreement of Sale which will be subject to signing by both parties. In the unfortunate event that, for one reason or another, a customer withdraws from the project, they will be refunded their monies subject to an administration penalty in line with provisions as set out in the Agreement of Sale.

We believe that customers are the ambassadors of our brand and the lifeblood of our business. We cherish building up relationships, understanding, listening, and giving people what they need, when they need it. This relationship does not end when we sell a residential or commercial stand, indeed that is just the beginning…For more information and at your convenience contact us and be part of the experience.

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